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June 28th @ 7:30PM

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In this action-packed, no B.S. challenge, I’m going to show you in 60 minutes how to revolutionize the way your approach Public Speaking.... 
  • The 3 EASY steps process to OVERCOME and ABOLISH your fear of Public Speaking
  • The FIVE things you need to STOP doing in your talks if you want to keep your audience engaged
  • How to LEVERAGE your business or career ... nationally and globally with public speaking
  • FREE up your time with preparing and practising your talks to get your next gig in the next 7 days ... yes, it's easily done… and I have an awesome gift for all attendee’s
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"Within weeks I had crafted a talk, booked into several local events to deliver it and generated a flood of new clients. For my new business public speaking has been the best ROI as it has allowed me to create a connection on a leveraged scale. Victors knowledge and experience has been invaluable in creating the perfect narrative. I have dealt with many mentors and coaches in various fields in all professional areas and Victor is without a doubt the one who goes above and beyond."
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"It's not only the confidence public speaking gave me, it's the opportunities I have been able to create for myself. I am so glad I found the Public Speaking Blueprint no longer do I think public speaking is something that only some people can do. 

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I'm Victor Ahipene and I'm not a celebrity, expert or guru.
I am, however, a speaker coach and entrepreneur who has accumulated thousands of hours both speaking and coaching. Helping high achievers become the public speakers they have always dreamed of.
Of course, it hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows...
Which makes sense as public speaking is people's #1 Fear.
We usually fear and avoid speaking because we think some people have the gift of the gab and we don't.
I use to believe this too...
I wasn't always a confident speaker. I was most likely a lot like you.
I would avoid speaking at all cost. I could hold a conversation 1 to 1 no problem but when it came to getting up in front a group I would usually stutter, freeze or just be boring as anything.
When I found out you could learn skills to be able to be an amazing speaker it changed everything.
I spent the next 18 years honing my skills and helping others.
Essentially, I learned the hard way what to do, when to do it and how to make it happen when it comes to creating an amazing talk and a successful speaker.
So, if you're sick wading through the B.S. of Public Speaking... the fear, the structure, the presentation skills ... that's good. You're in the right place and we'll be friends.
You see, 18 years ago I was stumbling, mumbling mess of a speaker. In fact I use to call in sick for school to avoid having to give a talk.
I had confidence around my friends and family but in front of a crowd for some reason, it disappeared.
Now, I help smart, dedicated people like you get their message out to the world with powerful public speaking. Allowing them to boost their authority, show their expertise and leave their mark on the world.
But, those are my words and you'll want proof. So, here it is.
I became New Zealand's youngest qualified Public Speaking Teacher. Won regional and National Speech contests Started The Youngpreneurs Podcast which went to #1 in Itunes in 6 different countries. Have given international Keynote talks including my recent Ted talk I gave earlier in 2017. I've recently released off the back of my Podcast my first book called the Authority Handbook, which went to #1 in the business charts on Amazon in 4 countries.
After overcoming so many obstacles in life and business, my goal is to create a platform for 10000 entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate execs to share their message with my Public Speaking Training Programs before 2018.
Why? Because too many high achievers never reach their full potential because of public speaking. Most of us think it's too hard, but it's filled with failures and setbacks that are AVOIDABLE.
My mission is to help you learn what you need to know to reach your success and sidestep some of those things that can keep you from it.
With that, I'm looking forward to getting to know you inside of the challenge.
Until then ...
Ask yourself. Are you ready to play full out?
Good. Let's get to work.
Founder of The Public Speaking Blueprint 

June 28th @ 7:30PM

7:30 PM est  - 4:30 PM pst
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